Z Garage Music

I make music for my own amusement rather than profit. I like playing with other people, but it’s tough keeping a band together when you’re trying to make movies. Recording stuff at home always appealed as a way to keep my hand in, but home recording wasn’t a very easy alternative some years ago. So of course I was pretty keen to check out Apple’s Garage Band when it came along. Nice simple, intuitive interface. The ability to take advantage of sampled drums and other bits and pieces, while also being able to input real instruments, all in an easy low cost package. Brilliant. So, what could one do with this new toy? I’ve had a lot of fun finding out. Sometimes I just whack up a microphone and go for it, other times I take a lot more time and figure out more elaborate things. I’m mostly a guitar geek, but banjo has become an occasional passion, and I also hunt and peck on a midi keyboard – so all kinds of tonal colours and instruments become possible. I’ll start dropping in a bunch of tracks that I’ve enjoyed creating, and hopefully other people will like them too. Why the ‘Z’ ? Well, not because I think this stuff will put anyone to sleep! Just wanted to stick it after all the movie pages. Hillbilly Surf Blues Patrol Crazy Legs Oh James (007 Theme) Bon Soir Banjour Knothole Blues Round Midnight Down and Dusted Pipeline Self Serve Dog For anyone that cares, main instruments used here were a Fender JD Telecaster, Martin OM21 acoustic, PRS McCarty, Bart Reiter ‘Whyte Lady’ banjo, and Gibson 165 ‘Herb Ellis’ semi. I’ve also recorded some stuff on my resonator guitars – a National Style “O” and a Beltona Southerner. Will post some tracks if anyone is interested. Like this … jacknjill And here’s a track that tries to use the resources of Garageband to the max … as well as indulging my love for the music of the late great John Barry. Hands up if you recognise this: 12 Oh James Thanks for listening! ;

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