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Conversations with Copyright Infringing File Sharers

Conversations with copyright infringing ‘file sharers’ By Costa Botes (and a bunch of anonymous freetardists) Below is a selection of comments directed at me by people unhappy with my stand on copyright infringement generally, and online file sharing particularly. It’s … Continue reading

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DMCA Takedown Shakedown

A thorough analysis of the pernicious problem feeding widespread exploitation and disrespect for the rights of creators. http://copyright.nova.edu/dmca-takedown-notices/

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Reports of piracy downturn were premature

Statistics remain the best way to not tell the truth, while appearing to be factual. Is Internet piracy on the wane? Or is it getting worse? Thorny question. Here’s a credible stab at answering it. http://thetrichordist.com/2014/02/15/is-the-piracy-threat-really-decreasing/

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Hey Google? Don’t be Evil … Hypocrites

Trust Google to explore the far reaches of hypocrisy: Google pretends to care about human rights | Vox Indie.  

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Victims of Freeloading Talk Sense

I have excerpted some pertinent bits of writing on the topic of copyright and freeloading which I think contribute intelligently to the debate. The following pieces have been lightly edited to clarify the context. The source blog is here: http://north.com/thinking/the-internet-could-not-care-less-about-your-mediocre-band/”>; … Continue reading

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Piracy myths debunked #3 “Piracy is inevitable”

Piracy can’t be stopped? Yeah, right. Maybe there is no magic bullet yet that can turn assholes into decent human beings, but that doesn’t mean assholes can continue to be assholes with impunity forever. Piratical enterprises can be targeted and … Continue reading

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Debating with Pirates #3

Here’s a long and thorough demolition of the absurd idea that copyright is an affront to democracy. A notion dreamed up by knuckleheads to excuse their own rapacious sense of entitlement. “There is a very loud minority online, mostly male, … Continue reading

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