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Act of Kindness

Interview with Alison Ficklin, Documentary Drive.Com http://documentarydrive.com/costa-botes-act-of-kindness Screening at Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, Sunday July 16th. Longplay, Time 6pm Address: 318 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

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A long ramble with Simon Sweetman

For anyone interested, here’s a longish interview I did with critic/blogger/man about town Simon Sweetman for his podcast series. Look down the page for the link. Podcasts can also be accessed and downloaded (free) from iTunes.  http://offthetracks.co.nz/sweetman-podcast-episode-38-costa-botes/

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Inuit Sled Dogs – What Really Happened?

When I made The Last Dogs of Winter back in 2012, I had to make a difficult judgement call about whether or not to repeat the assertion that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police slaughtered Inuit dogs in a deliberate genocidal … Continue reading

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The Sony Hacking Part 2: The Plot Sickens

First up, the first published analysis of how The Interview is doing in its novel  simultaneous release. The answer seems to be, it’s doing better than the average Indy release, but pretty crap for a Hollywood flick that might, in different … Continue reading

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Piracy myths debunked #6 Eliminating copyright will make art more democratic?

Here’s a comment found on an Internet thread that puts the case as clearly as I’ve ever seen it: “Actually, I would say that the elimination of copyright tells poor people they should have less capacity to engage with other … Continue reading

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Lord of the Rings: Ten Years Gone

I have noted quite a bit of recent traffic to this site is coming from folks looking for information about the making of the Rings trilogy. No doubt this is motivated by the Hobbit films. It’s been approximately a decade … Continue reading

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Mark Twain in 1906

“I am aware that copyright must have a limit, because that is required by the Constitution of the United States, which sets aside the earlier Constitution, which we call the decalogue. The decalogue says you shall not take away from … Continue reading

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