Lost in Wonderland


Directed by Zoe McIntosh, this ‘bent documentary about a straight lawyer’ chronicles the colourful life of one of New Zealand’s great eccentrics, lawyer Rob Moodie. It tells of his aversion for convention, and his fights for justice – focusing on a harrowing legal battle that went on for 14 years.

Costa Botes’s contribution to Lost in Wonderland (2009) as producer, cinematographer and editor came about through his meeting independent filmmaker Zoe McIntosh, who had an idea for a film she wanted to research and direct. The result of this collaboration documents the life and achievements of a gutsy public figure, lawyer Dr Bob Moodie, whose colourful cross-dressing and steely defence of the underdog have kept him in the media spotlight in New Zealand for many years. Alongside coverage of his brilliant career, Moodie’s fortunes as a victim of chaotic Social Welfare practices highlight the historical iniquities of the system and the lasting damage they cause. Awards for Lost in Wonderland came in the form of Best Cinematography and Best Popular Documentary at the 2010 NZ Film and TV Awards.     Helen Martin

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Capturing a Moodie subject.

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