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Physical Address:12 Lerwick Terrace, Melrose, Wellington 6023, New Zealand

Phone: +64 4 9733769

Mobile +64 21 1352176

9 Responses to Contact

  1. Diana says:

    Just seen your film –Last Dogs of Winter– absolutely beautiful filmed and such a wonderful story.
    My friends’ daughter, is now keen to volunteer. I’m sending my daughter to see it, thinking she might too, one way to get her to leave home, and such a reasonable cause, if somewhat cold….

  2. I just found out your film “The Last Dogs of Winter” was playing in Auckland and Wellington as part of NZIFF… It’s a shame that Christchurch didn’t get to host any of NZIFF films and even more sad to find out we’re missing out such a great film!

    My partner and I both have Siberian Huskies and we love winter dogs. This would have been a great film for us and our furkids to enjoy through.

    I sure hope the film will be released in BluRay or DVD very soon!

    • Costa Botes says:

      Righto, well good news then. Not sure why the message has not got through, despite ample publicity; but the NZIFF is indeed running a generous edition in Christchurch, and Last Dogs of Winter is included. There will be three screenings. On August 12, 14, and 15th. Please consult the NZIFF website for details.

      Just a general note, folks, do try to help yourselves. Mr Google is a fount of information. I try and keep up to date with info on my Screenings and Events page too.

  3. wei says:

    Dear Costa,
    this is wei from Singapore who caught the film @ the Civic Theatre in Auckland.
    Pardon my getting in touch only now.

    Please use this email address ( to get in touch with Cathay Film Distribution in Singapore.

    They have a The Picturehouse series which showcases ‘the best of cutting-edge films, international features, regional award winners and local showcases’.

    Very much like to get the chance for my friends and family to experience the incredible story all of you have worked so hard to convey on film.


    • Costa Botes says:

      Thank you very much for this very constructive suggestion. It is now relatively easy to provide films for single screenings, or short seasons. I welcome any such contacts.

  4. Liz says:

    oh good, I just sent you an email about this, then saw this. Can you send me details please.

  5. sarah taylor says:

    I had the pleasure not only of seeing ‘The Last Dogs of Winter’ but of having your insight into the film, the making of it, the characters and the issues. I know that a large number of the audience in Palmerston North last night were from the Institute of Veterinary and Biological Sciences at Massey, staff and students alike were impressed and touched by the story you told on screen and your insights in person. You surely were a ‘treat’ and it was well worth traversing escalators on crutches. There well couls be a mass exodus of vet students visiting churchill as a result.
    Well done.


  6. cecilia jette says:

    I just saw the last half hour of your film last night on the Knowledge Network. AMAZING. As a Canadian and sled-dog-owner, I felt overwhelming pride for these incredible animals. I want to buy this film. I have a small collection and this needs to be a part of it when available; please let me know. Aside from that, I would love to see it in a theatre on the big screen in Vancouver, BC so let me know if that is a possibility as you mention it doing festival-rounds. Thank you, Cecilia

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