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I'm a freelance film maker based in Wellington, New Zealand. I make mainly long form independent documentaries about characters I find interesting.

A long ramble with Simon Sweetman

For anyone interested, here’s a longish interview I did with critic/blogger/man about town Simon Sweetman for his podcast series. Look down the page for the link. Podcasts can also be accessed and downloaded (free) from iTunes.

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YouTube and you

When I refer to¬†“you”, I presume I am addressing fellow creators – that is folks working in creative industries like music and film, making creative goods that can be traded online in return for income. In other words, fellow professionals. … Continue reading

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Where Silicon Valley wants us …

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Worth a moment of your time …

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Another myth about online piracy exploded.

Does piracy act as promotion? Common sense (and real world experience) says NO. Magical unicorn economic theory (the kind they teach at Silicon Valley) says, “sure it does”. Can’t introduce this topic any better than the first couple of paragraphs … Continue reading

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DMCA: Denying Monetary Compensation Always | MuseWire

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
Who Benefits from the DMCA? The ISPs (Internet Service Providers) who are facilitating all this trafficking of stolen material are completely off the hook because of the safe harbor provision. Imagine a company that helped…

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When Sharing is not Caring: The myth of the Sharing Economy

We now routinely have politicians prattling on about the need for ‘disruption’. They are regurgitating misleading propaganda. If they understood the true consequences of disruption and the so called ‘sharing economy’ they’d shut up very quickly. This is an amazing … Continue reading

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