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14 Responses to How to Purchase Films

  1. Jason says:

    I would really like to know how to order the last dogs of winter doc. Can you help me?

    • Costa Botes says:

      The short answer is it is not yet available on DVD. As I have mentioned several tims on my blog, the film is still being promoted through the festival circuit. Most festivals will not touch titles that are already commercially available for purchase. I hope you appreciate the Catch 22 for small indy producers like myself. I know it is an instant gratification world, but this film took me two years to make, so I need to apply patience and make the most of a very very difficult distribution market in order to release it. Throwing it out now on DVD or willy nilly online would destroy any commercial value the title might have. I do have a responsibility to my investors and myself to avoid that if I can. Again, as stated on this blog, I am willing to discuss special one off screenings if anyone is proactive enough to contact their local cinema. Theatres need to be DCP equipped.

  2. Liz says:

    I have DCP and a few people interested in seeing The Lasts Dogs of Winger, what would you charge for a one off screening in September? Cheers Liz

  3. Costa Botes says:

    Hey Liz, I will email you some suggestions or possible options. This ought to be quite do-able.
    I am open to this kind of approach. Just takes a bit of postage and a normal fair share of box office. I don’t necessarily expect a minimum guarantee. All negotiable case by case.

  4. Andrea says:

    I would like to know if there is any planned screening in Europe of “the last dogs of winter” in the near future (october / november, december or in 2013).



    • Costa Botes says:

      No European theatrical screenings on the horizon, sorry Andrea. Without a theatrical distributor on board, it’s difficult for me to initiate much from here in New Zealand. However, as mentioned on this blog several times, if interested people can find a suitably equipped cinema (DCP or E-Cinema) then I can supply screening copies. I have signed with a new sales rep, and also made a shorter version of the film for television, so I hope at least this version becomes available in Europe via broadcast within the next year or so. From about mid 2013, I will also have a DVD of the full feature available for sale on this site.

  5. Neil McDaid says:

    Any hope of this coming to the USA, sorry if this has been asked before and I have missed it.

    Regards and great work


    • Costa Botes says:

      Hi Neil,

      As stated a number of times, theatrical distribution in the USA is unlikely. Nobody’s stepped up thus far, and in the current dolorous market, I’m not expecting any miracles.

      Self help is the best answer,

      Do you have a digital theatre in your town? Ask them if they’ll put on a screening. Promote it to friends and friends of friends, if you can get enough people to RSVP, it might be viable. Depends on venue size, and break-even cost.

      I can supply the following formats for such events:

      E cinema (mpeg2 program stream)
      Or DVD

      This is all negotiable subject to likely numbers of people and the equipment in the theatre. Normally I’d ask for at least the cost of shipping materials, and 25% of box office.

      Feel free to contact me if this sounds like a plan.



  6. Hamish says:

    Hey Costa! Any updates on the remastering of Bad Taste for Blu-Ray? Last it was mentioned in the news was back in 2009 (

  7. Hamish says:

    Damn, was hoping you might have been involved with some new special features or something.

  8. Luis Mateos says:

    Dear Mr. Botas,

    Is there any chance The Last Dogs of Winter is released on Blu-Ray? If it is not going to be released on Blu-Ray I am buying it on DVD, but I would like to have it with the best image quality available today,

    Best Regards from Spain.

    Luis Mateos

    • Costa Botes says:

      I would have liked to do this, but there just isn’t a viable market. My hopes for this have been pretty much destroyed by people ripping the film and putting it on YouTube, from where it quickly escaped to numerous pirate sites. This has been extremely disappointing and damaging to my ability to keep making films, let alone motivation. I still love it, and have been struggling for 35 years to stay independent and keep making work I am passionate about, but I am not going to kill myself any more so other people can profit.

      Anyway, I will always do what I can to make work available to people that want it. But understand this is not a commercial operation, and so my options are limited.

      I can make you an individual blu ray copy for NZ 70.00 plus postage. Expensive, sorry, but this will be virtually a hand made item. It will also lack the full menu and extras of the standard DVD edition. Movie only.

      This might be frustrating, I understand, but I was able to author the SD edition myself, whereas doing the same for a blu Ray would require using a commercial studio, at an expense I cannot bear.

      If you would like to go ahead, please email me at and I will explain how to order.

      Best wishes,

      Costa Botes

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