Is Google Evil?

Yes, Virginia, I’m afraid it is.  In, oh,  so many ways.

Read this:

The paper is written by a self avowed conservative. But actually, when one gets into the bullet points, even the most dyed in the wool lefty might find it hard to disagree with his conclusions.
Further to the left/right and ‘free internet’ implications, I always try and remind people arguing strenuously against policing of copyright infringement on the internet that there has never, EVER, been any impediment to artists freely sharing or giving away their work online, if they so chooseBut the opposite is not true.
Instead, we get the likes of Google coming up with horrific euphemisms, like “Permissionless Innovation” .
Translation: I’ll take your stuff thanks, and I’ll figure out ways to make money off it, and neither ask permission, nor pay you a cent; and if you don’t like it, tough shit, because I’m never going to admit I’m doing it, or I’ll dance around behind the skirts of DMCA safe harbour protection, and treat you – the victim – as an aggressor, a Luddite, or even a criminal, when you try and assert your legal and moral rights (see Google’s Chilling for just one disgusting manifestation of this company’s asshole hypocrisy in action.

About Costa Botes

I'm a freelance film maker based in Wellington, New Zealand. I make mainly long form independent documentaries about characters I find interesting.
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