Where there’s Smoke there’s Fire ….

At last, a few prominent creatives are finally getting the message about the long term implications of online piracy and freeloading. And speaking out. Here’s producer Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy) with an incendiary wake up call.


Unfortunately as the wildly hysterical comments following this article indicate, the rot of which Sutter speaks is very advanced. The vitriol expended on a man for saying basically that artists deserve to be paid …
what a disgusting age we are living in.

I am discouraged by such wilful blindness and selfish negativity, but I will never resile from confronting such stupidity and naming it for what it is. Greed and avarice, masking itself in a cloak of freedom.

About Costa Botes

I'm a freelance film maker based in Wellington, New Zealand. I make mainly long form independent documentaries about characters I find interesting.
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