Spokesman for the apocalypse

It’s not that I’m too lazy to sketch out a logical rebuttal for anything and everything that Cory Doctorow, high priest of the Copyleft, and tireless Freetardist, stands for, but when someone has already done it so thoroughly, I think it’s better just to express my admiration by posting a link.

In his odious little book, Pirate Cinema, Doctorow fearlessly fights straw men, but ignores the moral turpitude of his own selfish arguments. In the process, he rhetorically blows off his own left foot. Theft is theft. You cant redefine theft as being good, in any context. Even someone who agrees with the principle of cultural ‘mixes’ or ‘mashups’ finds his pirate cinema book obnoxious.

“That’s the gaping black hole at the center of this book: any sort of acknowledgement that copyright law is IMPORTANT. What he dismisses as “greed,” the entertainment industry would certainly defend as “basic fairness.”


My postscript for anyone who cares:

I suppose the thing I find so repugnant about Doctorow’s malignant mutterings is his contention that any artist’s creativity must be available – gratis – for not only the inspiration of, but practical grist for the mill, of anyone, anywhere.

No sir. Creativity is creativity. Which means, you have to make shit up. By yourself. Stuff that is your own. Creativity is not some acned twat in a dark room, crashing together ripped samples from his favourite Marvel movies, with a mashed up death core soundtrack by his three favourite bands.

I mean, whatever. Fans do that sort of thing all the time. Its understandable. A reflexive hommage to something they love. We get it. Up they go on YouTube. Millions of them.

Is our culture improved as a result?

Who knows. Doubt it.

But more to the point… when was the last time any of those big bad evil studios Doctorow writes about took anyone to court for this kind of copyright infringement? The kind of activity he expressly says is currently forbidden by copyright?

Who knows. Are there any examples at all?

Doubt it. No. Doctorow is talking crap about a bullshit hypothetical situation. Meanwhile, his rubbish disguises where the real evil and harm are occurring.

What about the assholes who steal, and then make money from other peoples creations? Orthe assholes who steal, and then share illegally obtained rips, thus destroying the value of work that took considerable investment to create?

Deliberately or otherwise, Doctorow is legitimizing greed, addiction, and disrespect for the creators who make all the stuff that illegal downloaders crave. There’s a horrible whirlpool logic in his writing which leads nowhere good.

About Costa Botes

I'm a freelance film maker based in Wellington, New Zealand. I make mainly long form independent documentaries about characters I find interesting.
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