Mark Twain in 1906

“I am aware that copyright must have a limit, because that is required by the Constitution of the United States, which sets aside the earlier Constitution, which we call the decalogue. The decalogue says you shall not take away from any man his profit. I don’t like to be obliged to use the harsh term. What the decalogue really says is, “Thou shalt not steal,” but I am trying to use more polite language” Mark Twain, 1906

Aided and abetted by self appointed curators of coolness, digital carpetbaggers continue to try and redefine morality with a relentless assault on copyright.

Mark Twain nailed the obnoxious reasoning of anti-artist, anti-copyright profiteers in 1906. Nothing has changed more than a century later, except that the assholes and scumbags now push their crap through shiny lawyers and academic shills. And a generation of incontinent consumers, hypnotized by glittering screens, have been herded into such an advanced state of crack addiction they’ll swallow any argument that will guarantee them a continued free daily fix.

Read the comments below for a spot on assessment of what Big Tech are doing and ask yourself, whose side are you on? And what kind of a world do you really want?

Happy New Year!

About Costa Botes

I'm a freelance film maker based in Wellington, New Zealand. I make mainly long form independent documentaries about characters I find interesting.
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