Piracy myths debunked #4: Kim DotCom is not an asshole

Actually, he is.

By their actions, we shall know them …

KDC’s rap sheet…

Early 1990s: Kim was pirating and distributing software as part of the Chaos Computer Club hacking group in Berlin.
1994: Arrested in Germany for trafficking in stolen calling card numbers. Arrested and spent 3 months in prison for hacking Pentagon computers. Arrested and spent 6 months in prison for insider trading.
1998: Spent 2 years in prison in Germany on 11 counts of fraud, 10 counts of data espionage, and embezzlement.
2001: Convicted (again) in Germany on insider trading, but not after first fleeing to Bangkok. Required extradition to get him back to Germany (sound familiar?).
2003: Sentenced to two years probation in Germany for embezzling money from Monkey AG.
2010: Convicted in Hong Kong for various securities trading offenses.

Sounds like serial asshole to me.

Shall we move on?


Now the FBI have fronted with their case against Dotcom and Mega, it’s possible to see the pattern of behaviour is nothing if not consistent. At the very least, this guy is a parasitical copyright infringer, but the evidence clearly shows his sins go much further.


Yep, Kim’s transgressions were so transparent and huge, they sickened and frightened even Google – masters of permissionless appropriation of other peoples property.


With this context, one can now better understand the basis of Dotcom’s latest venture is motivated by continuing greed and hubris, along with a hefty dose of revenge … If he gets the chance. I doubt he will. DotCom will find himself on the wrong side of history along with a raft of other assholes as an inevitable moral and economic correction sets in.

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About Costa Botes

I'm a freelance film maker based in Wellington, New Zealand. I make mainly long form independent documentaries about characters I find interesting.
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