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Piracy myths debunked #4: Kim DotCom is not an asshole

Actually, he is. By their actions, we shall know them … KDC’s rap sheet… Early 1990s: Kim was pirating and distributing software as part of the Chaos Computer Club hacking group in Berlin. 1994: Arrested in Germany for trafficking in … Continue reading

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How Internet pirates learned to prosper, like rats in cracks.

Everything starts somewhere. The conditions by which freeloading and piracy were allowed to develop did not occur by accident. They were the unintended consequence of a short sighted law, drafted to help tech companies. Well, they helped alright. They helped … Continue reading

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The economics of creativity

Has wholesale piracy, free streaming, and general consumer rejection of payment for recorded music really led to anything but a disaster for professional musicians? It may be that the comment below hasn’t been written by someone with a fully confident … Continue reading

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Piracy myths debunked #3 “Piracy is inevitable”

Piracy can’t be stopped? Yeah, right. Maybe there is no magic bullet yet that can turn assholes into decent human beings, but that doesn’t mean assholes can continue to be assholes with impunity forever. Piratical enterprises can be targeted and … Continue reading

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Debating with Pirates #3

Here’s a long and thorough demolition of the absurd idea that copyright is an affront to democracy. A notion dreamed up by knuckleheads to excuse their own rapacious sense of entitlement. “There is a very loud minority online, mostly male, … Continue reading

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