Debating With Pirates Part 2

Thanks to everyone who has engaged with my most recent post. The uptake has been somewhat surprising, and largely gratifying.

However, no surprises that a few people of an opposite persuasion to mine have chosen to vent their frustration. Top (or low?) marks to the individual who compared me to Roman Polanski – i.e his point being that I am highly talented but equally despicable. Hmmm. I fear I might rate as mediocre in both depts, but thanks for the compliment anyway, Sir.

I’ve also been branded as “extreme”, “arrogant”, and “insane”. I expect readers can make up their own minds about the fairness or accuracy of such assessments.

Comments about shooting oneself in the foot are noted. I doubt I can ever be fully objective or cool headed about this topic, but I will try harder in future not to shoot from the lip.

About Costa Botes

I'm a freelance film maker based in Wellington, New Zealand. I make mainly long form independent documentaries about characters I find interesting.
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4 Responses to Debating With Pirates Part 2

  1. Blake Downs says:

    Looks like your mate has gone and restricted access to his film site.

    Turns out Kunst is willing to accept restrictions on free speech when it comes to his own comments section.

    • Costa Botes says:

      Yes, last week he was telling me free speech is the most important human right.

      He does need to consult a dictionary. Free speech is not the same as free movies.

      Please note the breadth of comment I allow here, by contrast.

    • Costa Botes says:

      Thank you Johnny. I think I can guess where your sympathies lie? More free stuff?

      Good on you. But pause to consider this …

      Russell Brand is a successful man with a huge fan following – built by talent, but also the PR muscle of those big bad profit driven corporations that Freetardists noisily love to hate.

      So, yeah, I’m less than impressed with his brave stand now. It’s not that brave … More in tune with his anarchist persona. A PR stab at banking some kudos with his younger followers?

      Whatever. Doesn’t matter. The really salient point here is that Brand chose to do this himself.

      He was not ripped off. His rights were not unilaterally stripped from him. It is his choice as an artist to do whatever the hell he wants with his work. And if he wants to give it away on Pirate Bay, then that’s fine with me.

      But I give no respect to a man who bites the hand that feeds. He’s guilty of gross disrespect to the people who bankrolled the DVD. This grand gesture would have been more impressive if he’d funded the show out of his own pocket.

      And he is playing a dangerous game. Because the net result of a product given away free is … Zero. Sure, he can gather a lot of eyeballs via the millions of moochers sucking on the Pirate Bay tit, but that won’t keep him in silk scarves and cocaine for long.

      The comments section is as usual full of tedious diatribes about greedy capitalists sucking the video game money out of poor long suffering freeloaders pockets. Apparently it never occurs to any of these magnificently entitled souls that people who make movies are not all amazingly wealthy.

      Pirate Bay have stolen my films. They have done this without my permission or endorsement, and without any compensation. Sorry to burst your rhetorical bubbles, but that does actually materially impact me negatively. It makes me poorer, and it has already wrecked the economy which once used to support marginal or non mainstream film makers. See, I actually know what I’m talking about, as opposed to some pimply reader of Wired who thinks they know everything about the movie business.

      I see no evidence at all of any quid pro quo vis a vis ‘free exposure’ leading to any benefit to me. Rather the opposite, as I see thousands of piggies snaffling up my work. Pay for it if they feel like it? When will they ever feel like it, with the latest, greatest, and copy protected XBOX game to buy?

      They wouldn’t buy my movies anyway? Good. So they’re not missing anything, right? Where’s the problem?

      And this makes me a bad guy?

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