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Piracy Myths Debunked #2 “Information wants to be free”

“Information wants to be free …” How often have you heard this bit of bullshit. It is trotted out regularly as some kind of pseudo religious credo, great words of wisdom dropped from on high as a sacred justification for … Continue reading

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Copyright and Society

A friend contacted me today, asking some interesting questions about the term of copyright – that is, the length of time that legal copyright can be maintained. I think the resulting conversation is worth sharing more widely. Hey Costa, I … Continue reading

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Last Dogs of Winter in Winnipeg

Thanks to Winnipeg Cinematheque, a film about Canada’s rare and endangered Inuit sled dogs has finally screened in a Canadian cinema, two years after it debuted at Toronto Film Festival. Here’s a link to a review in the Winnipeg Free … Continue reading

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Piracy Myths Debunked: “Copyright Infringement is not Theft”

There are oh so many myths repeated endlessly by pirates and freeloaders to justify their poor behaviour. I would like to offer a robust deconstruction of all of them in the course of a series of posts. let’s start with … Continue reading

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Debating With Pirates Part 2

Thanks to everyone who has engaged with my most recent post. The uptake has been somewhat surprising, and largely gratifying. However, no surprises that a few people of an opposite persuasion to mine have chosen to vent their frustration. Top … Continue reading

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Debating with pirates – “Opposition is futile”

A week or so ago, I found a web site offering links where users could download one of my movies for free. And not just the movie, but all the DVD extras as well. I sent them the following message: … Continue reading

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