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More Mythbusting

As tooth grating as it is, not a bad idea to peek into the skulls of freeloading and piracy pundits for a glimpse of a fascinating mixture – part Neanderthal, part reptile, part stupid, part low animal cunning. All of … Continue reading

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Copyleft Mythbusting

There’s an unseen but titanic struggle going on between old world concepts of intellectual property rights, and the online digital media lobby, who are seeking to drastically redefine, and even dismantle traditional copyright. We could call these forces the ‘copyleft’, … Continue reading

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Last Dogs in Oklahoma

Coming up, screening in Oklahoma University. Last Dogs of Winter Screening Mon, September 9, 2013 7:00 PM One man, 150 Canadian Eskimo dogs and lots of polar bears fill the screen in the gripping documentary by Costa Botes, an … Continue reading

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